Stunt Doubles

A diverse band of fabricators that thrive on the challenge of creating nice things.

Seattle is known to many of its residents as the “biggest little town”. Every time you meet a new and interesting person, chances are they know a lot of the same people you do. Your illustrator friend drew up the mural that went in that restaurant down the street; the restaurant owner is the cousin of your neighbor; your neighbor works at the coffee roaster that supplies your favorite cafe; the cafe you visit also has a bike shop inside that you always go to for routine maintenance; the mechanic is friends with the illustrator that did the mural; etc.

It’s through this social fabric of the city that Stunt Doubles started.

After a chance conversation between members gave us the opportunity to build out the expansion of Good Weather Bicycle & Café in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, we realized we had many shared dreams for how spaces, products, and colors could all come together.

When you find people that share your vision so thoroughly, so exuberantly, it’s hard to hold yourself back from continuing to work with them. After we finished that project, another came along, then another, and another, and so on. At some point we decided we might as well make it a longstanding, organized effort, and Stunt Doubles was born.


Our workshop is just south of Downtown Seattle and we share it with a couple lovely people and their dogs including Danielle at Hambos Pups and Eva at Liberation Fab.  They are wonderful and make wonderful things alongside us, check them out!


Seattle, WA
United States of America

Email: [email protected]