RatKing Long Spoon


Share your snacks with a friend / Steal the snacks from a friend.

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After spending an afternoon in the shop together, Andrew Johns (@ifdogsrunfree) sent me this message in regards to the 11″ long titanium spoons we spent the afternoon hand finishing.

“Have you heard the “Parable of the Long Handle Spoons”? There are a few takes on it throughout history and different cultures. Basically, it expresses the values of collaboration and care for the wellbeing of others. You can’t feed yourself with too long a spoon, so survival relies on collaboration with others. You must feed in order to get fed. Blinded by their own needs, wants, desires, the selfish ones starve themselves by their unwillingness to work with others.”

Titanium Spoons

11″ long


Made by hand, one at a time.

Laterally Stiff / Vertically Compliant