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  1. The Rip Rack is the definitive solution to carrying a Wald 137 Basket via bicycle.

It was purpose built to do two things – Carry a basket, and provide a stable platform that functions just as well loaded as it does unloaded. More info & Details below

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The Rip Rack Features custom machined hardware to secure the Wald 137 Basket along its three strongest rails. Mounting hardware is secured via M5 screws that thread into threaded eyelets integral to the rack platform. Our mounting hardware makes installation a breeze and requires no more than a set of allen keys and wrench. No fiddling with hose clamps or zip ties! The basket can be removed and reattached simply in under a couple minutes – making it the perfect candidate for a modular setup. 

Whether you’re going on a grocery run or looking for a front bag support, The RIP Rack will get you there.

The Rip Rack is designed to mount to mid fork eyelets and at the fork crown. M5 bolts are provided for fork braze ons as well as an M6 for a fork crown pass through bolt. 

Please note, rack struts are provided long and must be cut to length upon installation.

Basket hold down hardware is BLACK anodized 6061 aluminum.

Consider Adding a Forager Cycles “Link Wrench” to aid in install. It has every wrench size you’ll need for install. Keep it with you on every ride for any trailside maintenance you hopefully wont ever need. The Link Wrench is an 8/9/10mm wrench & emergency master link opener. Laser cut in the USA from grade 5 titanium (22g).


Length: 7.875″
Width: 8.125″
Height: 5.25”
Weight: 600g with complete hardware, uncut struts, light mount, and diving board (Basket Not Included)

Please note the width and height of the basket you intend to carry, Depending on bicycle and handlebar configuration, you may experience drop bar lever interference or hand clearance issues.

The RIP Rack comes with basket mounting hold downs, universal mount strut hardware, and a set of 300mm length struts. Baskets are sold separately.


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