Thud Short Shoe Horn


The Thud Short Shoe Horn, designed and made in-house, gives you the option of brass, stainless steel or a durable powder-coated steel construction in vibrant custom Thud colors. Its hyperbolic parabolic shape ensures your shoe fits perfectly every time, blending functionality with style. Read about the origin story below.

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How and why we make Shoe Horns

Once upon a time, in a land where shoe sizes were more suggestion than science, lived a person with a peculiar penchant for snug footwear. For years, they navigated the world in shoes so tight, Cinderella’s glass slipper would’ve seemed spacious in comparison. This wasn’t a fashion statement or a misunderstood attempt at foot-binding; it was simply a long-standing oversight that led to an intimate relationship with the humble shoehorn.

Our protagonist’s journey began with the blissful ignorance of youth, squeezing into shoes that would make a sardine in a can look comfortable. Mornings were marked by the battle between foot and shoe, a struggle so intense it often ended with bloody fingers and a chorus of frustrated grunts, earning the name “Thud” for the sound made when the shoe finally conceded defeat.

The turning point came with a visit to a podiatrist, an encounter that would change the course of footwear history. The podiatrist, upon hearing the tale of cramped toes and witnessing the shoe size revelation, was so astounded that their jaw quite literally dropped. It was a moment of epiphany, a Cinderella moment sans the fairy godmother and the pumpkin carriage.

Freed from the shackles of ill-fitting shoes, our hero’s toes wiggled in celebration, breathing the sweet air of spacious footwear. But the years of tight-shoe tyranny had left a mark, a deep appreciation for the tool that had been a faithful ally through thick and thin: the shoehorn.

Thus, Thud Shoe Horns were born, each crafted with a zeal that only a former sufferer of shoe-induced confinement could muster. These weren’t mere tools; they were masterpieces of liberation, designed with unique flair, colors, and shapes that turned the mundane task of wearing shoes into a moment of joy and expression. From the depths of tight-shoe despair, we built a line of shoe horns that were not just functional but fashionable, not just tools but treasures.

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Thud Colors

Thud "Green", Brass, Stainless Steel, Metallic Blue, Matte Cream, Golden Pink Gloss, Matte Red, Satin Black