RatKing Cradle

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The Cradle is an adjustable bag support + cargo platform for bicycle fork steerers or seat posts. Its lightweight and modular platform makes it at home on bikepacking trips and commutering rigs alike.

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It’s a lightweight solution to a cluttered handlebar for when you need one more strapping point for your gear up front. Strap on your dry bag or sleep system and shred! The Cradle is really cool.

The adjustable tilt allows you to fine tune your fit for your desired bags and your specific handlebar setup. Height adjustment affords weaving the cradle into a prime location even with a short stem, minimal spacer stack, a shorty head tube, and a suspension fork.

Keep those cables uncrushed, bag up, and gear rigid on all of your favorite terrain.

Stem: Replaces 20mm of headset Spacers – 1 1/8″ bore (28.6mm) – approximately 80mm from center of steerer to front of Cradle

Seatposts larger than 28.6mm will not fit. Seat posts and Steerer tubes smaller than 28.6mm will need to be shimmed. The cradle was built with 27.2mm in mind, shimmed down, shim not included.

Platform: 4.5″x9.75″ (115mm x 250mm)

265g with all included hardware

If you’re worried about carbon steerer compatibility, get in touch with your component manufacturer. You won’t hurt the Cradle, but may void a warranty on your fork.


To install the Cradle you will need at least a 4mm allen key, 5mm allen key, and an 8mm open end wrench. The Forager Cycles Link Wrench is the perfect companion to the Cradle


The Cradle is a one size fits most front rack. You will need at least 20mm of steerer tube spacers that the Cradle “Stem” will replace. The Cradle Stem drops ~17mm over its length to get out of the way of short handlebar stems, but if your specific handlebar stem is particularly beefy, you may need an additional 5mm spacer between handlebar stem+Cradle Stem.

We ship on Mondays

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